Drupal Training

As well as looking after external stakeholders, it is important to support your internal stakeholders too. We have partnered with City University London to offer a range of unique courses for Drupal beginners to experienced developers. We also offer on-site training to help you and your team get the most from Drupal.

Who is the BrightLemon Drupal Training service designed for?

We offer training to any individual, team, department or organisation either currently using Drupal currently. or looking to use Drupal in the future. Our core training offering can be broken down into 3 areas;

  • Content Owners / Site Administrators
  • Drupal Site Builders
  • Drupal Developers

Drupal Training Packages

We offer three core training packages. The table below will help you identify the right type of training for your needs.

Drupal Training for Content Owners & Site Administrators

Drupal site builder


Drupal developer beginner

  • Marketing Departments
  • Developers
  • Developers
  • HR Departments
  • IT Departments
  • IT Departments

Training can be offered to individuals or teams, and can be provided at our London office or onsite.

Drupal Training for Content Owners and Site Administrators 

Our developers will provide content owners and site administrators with either onsite or offsite (hosted in our London offices) training on the following areas:

  • The content creation process and the different types of content

  • Assigning roles and permissions
  • Dealing with problematic users
  • Organising content and comments through the taxonomy and menu system
  • Controlling the look and feel of the site
  • Basics of Drupal image handling
  • Reporting

Drupal site builder beginner

With this package you will learn Drupal by building a full website with news, events, blogs and users; using the core modules and functionality of the CMS. Documentation about Drupal will be provided.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Setup an environment for Drupal

  • Install and configure Drupal

  • Identify and create content types with specific custom fields

  • Identify and create vocabulary to classify entities

  • Identify and create menus

  • Create blocks for the website

  • Manage user registration, creation and permission

  • Download, install and configure contributed modules

  • Create views to show content on a page or in blocks

  • Download, install and configure a contributed template

  • Site deployment

  • Using drupal.org

Drupal developer beginner

This package takes the next step into writing code and expanding the possibilities of Drupal beyond site building.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand more about how Drupal works

  • Make a simple custom module

  • Generate blocks with code

  • Build menus with code

  • Construct forms with code

  • Understand what entities are

  • Work with databases

  • Make a simple custom theme

  • Use templates and their variables

  • Create a sub-theme

We can also create technical documentation and a user guide which will be delivered to you in the form of a wiki upon completion of your training.

Why BrightLemon?

We live and breath Drupal. We are co­founders of Drupal Camp London ­now in its 4th year and one of the largest Drupal Camps in existence. We are also founders of DrupalTeachers ­ a joint venture between BrightLemon and City University London offering one of the world’s first university accredited Drupal training courses.

We have helped the Department for Education engage 10% of schools in under 3 months, HMRC/Civil Service Resourcing launch a new cross departmental service and the British Council recruit over 130,000 registered users in China.

Our networks represent over 1,125,000 users across 18 countries - we have won 2 Hollis education awards and have reached the finals of both the BIMA and BETT awards.

Find out more at: drupalteachers.com