Drupal development

Web Development Using Drupal

Drupal is an open source content management platform that we’ve been using to build websites with for over ten years. It’s been used to create over 1,000,000 sites and has been adopted by Cambridge and Oxford University, the British Council, the White House and NASA. 


Why Is Drupal A Good Choice?

Drupal’s flexibility allows your site to evolve as your online community grows. Its focus on social publishing promotes the creation and sharing of content making it a popular choice for organisations that want to create large social platforms.

The Drupal Community

At Bright Lemon we like to practice what we preach. Our in-house developers are active members of the Drupal Community that has grown to over 1,000,000 members throughout the world. It’s a community that encourages collaboration, we continue to learn and the excellent contributions have created more than 30,000 add-ons that continually expand the functionality of Drupal. Thank you everyone.


Drupal offers a very good framework for building sites accessible to people regardless of their abilities of the assistive technologies they use. Accessible websites can afford people from all walks of life the independence and dignity that enables them to communicate, shop, talk with friends and participate in an online community.


The Drupal community is leading the way when it comes to multi-lingual web technology. There’s an impressive collection of modules that cater for translations and localisation that means if you’re working with a global community, all these important considerations are taken care of.

Tried and tested

A wide range of corporate, political, travel and entertainment sites has adopted Drupal with 24% of all .gov websites using its core capabilities.

Examples of Drupal implementations across various sectors includes:

  • Entertainment – MTV
  • Travel – Gatwick Airport
  • Museums – Tate
  • Education – The British Council
  • Charity – Amnesty International
  • Social – Twitter Development Community
  • Publishing – The Economist

For more technical information on implementation and deliverables please read our PDF.


Drupal Development