Delivering a successful project isn’t a secret formula; it’s a process we’ve refined over the years that ensures the end result meets and often exceeds the brief. The first stage of this process is our Discovery phase. This is where we collaborate with you to determine what’s at the very heart of the project and your high levels aims.

During this stage we will need to learn about you and your community. The more information we gather, the more prepared we will be to deliver on KPI’s, time and budget. It’s an area that’s often overlooked but by taking the time to conduct the necessary due diligence, every stage of the project can be executed with a clear focus.

Community Analysis

Online communities are the foundation of the social web. They’re dynamic, forever changing and while they may be made up of unique individuals, their shared motivation towards a common goal often results in a uniformed set of requirements and needs. 

Our community analysis will uncover what these needs are. We’ll speak to both you and your community to really understand what makes them tick and in doing this, we can provide an online environment that’s uniquely tailored for your audience.

You’ll also receive a structured assessment of how to increase the participation and engagement of your users so everyone knows what it takes to launch, manage and grow your online community.

User Personas & User Stories

As we discover more about the needs of your community, we’ll create the personas and stories that will help us produce your first wireframes.

The user story focuses on the who, what and why. A simple description of who your audience is, how they will engage in the content on your site and what functionality they’ll need. The end result is the technical specifications and a permissions matrix that clearly defines what’s required before moving to the actual design of your website.

Who’s involved?

Your bespoke project team will be built around your needs but it might look something like this.

The combination of community experts, designers and developers allows us to consider every single important aspect of your project. We firmly believe that close collaboration with you, throughout all the stages of the process is fundamental for achieving success. 

Content Strategy

Without creating a content strategy one of the first questions you’re likely to ask when your website is complete is “what on earth are we going to post?”

Content is going to be incredibly important, especially in the early stages when you’re trying to build a community. It can serve a number of different purposes, it can draw people in, promote engagement or simply be used for consumption.  

To help define your content strategy we will need to consider:

  • What is the purpose of the content? 
  • How is it aligned with both community and business objectives?
  • Is it optimised for a responsive website? 
  • How will it be optimised for SEO? 
  • What are the social sharing requirements?

Metrics & Reporting

The final stage of the Discovery phase is to clearly define your KPI’s and what reporting requirements you’ll need. It’s likely that there will be a number of internal stakeholders who will want different types of reports. These could include signups, engagement, social sharing, sales, behaviour….and on and on. 

We’ll discuss all of this with you to make sure you have all the necessary training, support and functionality to achieve this.


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