Teach First – helping to shape the future of education

With an alumni network of over 2000 qualified teachers, Teach First faced a growing demand for a better networking platform, and we were the perfect people for the job.

It recruits over 1000 trainee teachers to work in schools across England and Wales, but Teach First were lacking an online presence, and their thriving community needed a place to connect and share opportunities.

BrightLemon worked closely with Teach First to build a solution that would not only increase the impact for their teachers, but also inspire the movement for change in education.

Creating a community subdomain for Teach First membership

Our developers set about creating a network which allowed users to generate their own blogs, advertisements and resources, building a way of connecting rather than just a broadcast channel.

The site included integrated event registration, advanced search and a sort and filter functionality in order for members to be able to find their way around the site quickly and easily.

Users could also monitor upcoming events they’d registered for, find their bookmarked content and manage their personal details with the User Dashboard system.

Our developers thought it was important to encourage as much interaction as possible so they implemented a tool which enables users to quickly create custom groups and forum systems on which they can post questions and start conversations.

The site implemented a system to create events with pre allocated seating for users at different levels or from different yearly intakes, as well as personalised content which is only pushed to users in particular areas of the country. Libraries were also used to allow any user to upload lesson plans and content to their e-portfolio.

There were so many different modules involved in building each section of the site, including geolocation, messaging, discussion groups and email alerts.

BrightLemon’s first mobile-responsive site

The Teach First community was our first mobile first sites, designed to be easily used on a tablet with sideways swiping elements to make it was to browse through information.

The adaptive design used Drupal’s Views and some jQuery plugins, so that it was easy to create lists of related content and events that were easy to navigate on touch based devices

Collaboration among Teach First users

With our help, the Teach First Users can now generate their own content so the community can share more opportunities for collaboration.

Based on the success of the platform, Teach First has already introduced new user groups to the platform - meaning there are even more opportunities to connect.

A tracker has now been built within the trainee teacher user dashboard so they can evaluate their classroom impact on an ongoing basis.