A double award winning international art community

Turbinegeneration is an international schools project – an annual commission that invites school and college students from across the world to combine ideas and create pieces inspired by exhibitions at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. Considering its international user base, it was essential that an online community was built in order for art to be shared and seen by all taking part.


To promote and support the creativity of young people throughout the world, Tate and their sponser, Unilever, wanted schools to work more closely with galleries and artists. They needed a fully interactive site that would serve as a platform not only for partnerships to be made through, but for art and ideas to be shared over. This would create an online community that would form a pillar for the whole project. 


Site registration was set up so that Tate had to approve the schools’ sign-up before they were allowed access to the community - security had to be high as children were key users. We implemented online galleries with a large range of filtering options so media could be easily located. In terms of admin, the site was editorially-managed by artists and Tate staff with content administration features in order to showcase some of the best and most popular pieces. An important aspect, due to the large distances between the users (/ budding young artists) were the maps that showed participating users’ locations. And, of course, we used multilingual capabilities so international users weren’t forced to learn English before they signed up!


  • Art and ideas were shared by over 500 schools from 30 countries.
  • 13,640 engaged partnerships across all projects and 42 active galleries involved on the site.