Cambridge University Centre

The first Drupal site to launch on the new University of Cambridge platform

As part of the Estate Management division, the Cambridge University Centre offers social facilities for graduate and research students, as well as University and College staff, alumni and their guests. However, the Centre’s website wasn’t providing its super clever/organised/busy students with a supportive enough online platform. So we came along with our (almost as) clever selves to help the Centre’s online presence match their offline facilities.


The University Centre was one of the first websites within the University of Cambridge, after the central Cambridge University platform, to adopt a custom Drupal build. Not only was the old website was difficult to navigate and update, it didn’t provide clear information about the large amount of facilities available at the University Centre. Cambridge had a clear vision to promote the facilities within three key areas: conferences and events, food and drink, and, of course, the Blue Fitness gym. (Studious people can be fit/healthy/muscley, too, you know.)


The Discovery phase with Cambridge University Centre helped to identify key user journeys as well as  define the content types and taxonomies that would create a more cohesive user experience. We kept  theming and design consistent with the University of Cambridge main website we'd also developed.