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How to load an external file in Flash

By Jessie Wang



Normally when we want to change the contents in a Flash (.swf) file - even something small like a text change - we need to open the source (.fla) file and apply our changes then re-publish the .swf file. There is a simpler way to change content in Flash. By using the LoadVars function, we can easily load an external text file to flash. When we need to change the text, we can just edit the text file instead.




Shine week featured on BBC and ITV

News of the first 'Shine Week' national schools festival has been featured in broadcasts on the UK's main TV stations, on shows such as Breakfast on BBC1 and This Morning on ITV1.

The festival, showcasing the talents of the nation's children and promoting the encouragement and nurturing of the talents of young people, relies very heavily on the social networking website which was designed and built by Brightlemon.


Easy Gif Animation With Adobe Photoshop And Image Ready

In CS3 Image Ready has been discontinued and instead many of it's features are now included as menu items in the main Photoshop program. The tutorial contained in the this blog can still be followed using CS3 but instead of jumping to Image Ready, simply choose 'animation' from Photoshop's 'Window' menu.
In these days of super sophisticated flash movies and real time streaming video, it's easy to over look the humble animated gif.


HTML Validation For Web Design

by Martin White

All web designers should be aware of the need to check the validity of the code contained within the pages they are creating before they make a page or entire site live to the public.

Increasingly it is just as important that we test our code for complience with accesibilty rules as to not exclude any portion of society from being able to access our pages.