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English Online featured on Dries Buytaert's site

The British Council's English Online - built by Brightlemon - was recently featured on the home page of Dries Buytaert's website This site now has over 110,000 registered users (as of October 2009) and receives over 14 million page impressions per month. Surely this is a good advert for Drupal as a large social networking platform...!


How do I create repeating content on my drupal site?

In one of our projects we were required to create repeating content on a drupal site. That means that there were pages on the site that had exactly the same content, but they were at different locations. It was a requirement that the client edits only 1 page and the other pages had to update automatically. We have discussed several methods to achieve this functionality until we found the easiest option: clone the node via a drupal function. So here's how we did it: Create a new content type and name it as you wish (we used "repeating content" so editors won't get confused).


How to load an external file in Flash

By Jessie Wang



Normally when we want to change the contents in a Flash (.swf) file - even something small like a text change - we need to open the source (.fla) file and apply our changes then re-publish the .swf file. There is a simpler way to change content in Flash. By using the LoadVars function, we can easily load an external text file to flash. When we need to change the text, we can just edit the text file instead.




Shine week featured on BBC and ITV

News of the first 'Shine Week' national schools festival has been featured in broadcasts on the UK's main TV stations, on shows such as Breakfast on BBC1 and This Morning on ITV1.

The festival, showcasing the talents of the nation's children and promoting the encouragement and nurturing of the talents of young people, relies very heavily on the social networking website which was designed and built by Brightlemon.