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Aug262015 - A Drupal Case Study

Why was Drupal a good fit for this project?

The goal of this project was to create a simple brochure site for BrightLemon using the new version 8 of Drupal. While Drupal’s flexibility makes it a good choice for creating very complex sites, it is also a good choice for making very simple sites, like a brochure site. This is because it is very quick to build content types in Drupal, add fields to those types, and build blocks of content. Also, it provides an easy to use interface for content creators out of the box.


Describing images and forms

The alt attribute is set on the img element; it specifies alternative information for users who cannot see an image. All images should have one. If an image is missing this attribute, the screen reader will read out the file name of the image – very annoying for the user, if the file name is a long string of random characters and numbers. For decorative images the alt attribute should be set to an empty string. This tells a screen reader to skip over it. For all other images, provide a concise informative desciption of the image.