Our contributions



Within the Drupal community, contributions can take many forms from module development to event organisation. BrightLemon are proud representatives of the Drupal Association and believe in developing and extending the use of open source software for the betterment of the Drupal community.


Open Doors: Getting Into Digital

In June 2015, we opened our doors to 20-30 students interested in and aspiring to get into the world of Digital. This event, organised by the fabulous team at Creative Skillset, was aimed at educating the attendees on the various roles that exist within a digital agency like ours and to clarify that there's no one entry route into this sector. For more detailed coverage on the event see the blog post here, or the video below:


Drupal sponsorship

BrightLemon are proud sponsors and attendees of the following DrupalCons and events:

Logos of all Drupal Events BrightLemon has sponsored or contributed to



We are also founding members of DrupalCamp London 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Drupal Commons

Acquia chose BrightLemon to work with their team on aspects of the new Drupal Commons version which was released in May 2011, including the information architecture and new theme. BrightLemon worked closely with Jay Batson from Acquia to help improve the general layout and user experience of a few key pages and functionality.


DrupalCon blogs and coverage


BrightLemon helped theme the new Drupal.org site

Brightlemon helped to implement the new Drupal.org web site as designed by Mark Boulton.

The re-design is a community based effort, with many key Drupal sponsors and partners offering there services in implementing the new design.

Working along side Ronald Ashri of Istos design, BrightLemon London were asked to apply the documentation index section of the site. Being headed by our former Lead Designer, Nicole Chamberlain.



BrightLemon have worked along side some highly respected Drupal developers, some of which have contributed modules to the Drupal community:


Drupal events

BrightLemon host regular Drupal events which bring together leading lights of the community to discuss how Drupal can benefit the social web:

  • Building the Social Web: A successful get together which discussed how the social web and Drupal can help brands build online communities with presentations from key Drupal experts.
  • Building the Social Web for Museums, Education and Galleries: Taking place during Social Media Week, BrightLemon brought together the Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of London and Natural History Museum to discuss the usage of Drupal in parallel with creating online communities.